Ildiko Nagy, MBA

The Viraldi Consulting and Creative Group was among the firsts to identify the new business opportunity created by the growing demand for specialized communication agencies. Since its foundation in 2007, it has pursued a strategy with the aim of offering its clients unique and innovative solutions in consulting, corporate and financial communication, and press relations, that result in tangible competitive advantages.

We are convinced that success in modern business communication can be guaranteed only if each project is characterised with the optimal unity of creativity, quality and efficiency. As a matter of fact, this unity also must be in total harmony with the own market strategy of our clients.

This harmony can be achieved by an agency that not only identifies itself with the goals of its partner, but also knows the economic processes, the given business, sector and social environment, thus supporting and helping the management of the partner company.

Due to its professional experience, its domestic and international communication networking, Viraldi Group seeks to be part of the success of its clients. To put it simply: We want to be part of your success story.